LEED Certification

What makes concrete green?

   Going Green : First Things First

We can't expect to help you turn green without greening ourselves too.

Here are the eco-friendly initiatives we have taken to date:

Our Office

  • 100% use of recycled printer paper & paper goods
  • Recycling of all bottles, cans, etc...
  • Recycling of all cardboard
  • Eco-conscious marketing programs/materials
  • Water efficient toilets
  • Temperature control to 72 in warm weather, 63 maximum in cold weather
  • Double-sided printing
  • Use of recycled toner cartridges for printer
  • Recycling of all used computer equipment/printers
  • Reusable drinking cups for all employees
  • Elimination of Styrofoam & paper cups
  • Energy Star label computers
  • Use (and recycling) of florescent bulbs
  • Sensor lighting in low-traffic zones
  • Recycling water in coffee machine
  • Once-a-month staff meeting to review energy and environmental efficiency standards & to request employee input for further efficiencies
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning supplies
  • Use of non-toxic paint
  • Use of sustainable manufactured floor coverings, or polished concrete




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